Are you an expert translator or promising interpreter?

Do you work as a freelance teacher or take care of graphics and layout?

What are you waiting for? Contact us right away! We are always looking for professionals and linguists to collaborate with us. We are looking for motivation, a love of languages, reliability, a good attitude, and punctuality, and we offer the same in exchange. If you meet the following requirements, you have everything you need to become a part of our team.

  • You are a freelance professional (e.g. with VAT No.)
  • You have at least three years of professional experience
  • You can provide at least two tangible references
  • You have training regarding the professional activity performed
  • For translators and interpreters: you are a native speaker of the target language(s)
Write to us at and attach a copy of your current CV. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Our contacts

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